G-Pro - by Grenco Science

G-Pro - by Grenco ScienceG-Pro - by Grenco ScienceG-Pro - by Grenco ScienceG-Pro - by Grenco ScienceG-Pro - by Grenco Science


The G-Pro portable herbal vaporizer is the 

Three built-in temperature settings with corresponding temperature indicator lights makes the G-Pro incredibly easy to use.

To use, pull up on the mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber. Load desired amount of herb, snap on mouthpiece and press the power button. Pull as desired.

Package Contains:
1 G-Pro Herbal Vaporizer
1 G-Pro Mouthpiece
5 G-Pro Filter Screens
1 G-Pro Cleaning Brush
1 G-Pro Wired USB Charger
3 G-Pro Mouthpiece Sleeves
2 G-Pro
Extended Mouthpiece Sleeves
1 Removable G-Pro Filter
1 G Card Grinder
Instruction Manual

The G-Pro can be charged from any compatible USB port or wall outlet!

The G-Pro is engineered with a safety locking mechanism to prevent accidental use, and an automatic shut-off system to prevent overuse and maximize battery life.


** PLEASE NOTE this is a Genuine Grenco Science G-Pro.  Be aware that there are many companies offering knock-off versions for less money.  They may look the same at first glance, but they are not. Don't get fooled by cheap immitaions.  You will not be happy with their perfomance.

Suggested Extras

G-Pro Mouthpiece
G-Pro Mouthpiece
Friendly Grinder Card - Medium
Friendly Grinder Card - Medium
Smoking Black 1.25 Ultra Thin
Smoking Black 1.25 Ultra Thin

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