Vaporizer Facts

What is a vaporizer, how does vaporization work? 
A vaporizer is a device used to extract and inhale active ingredients of plant material. Vaporization is the process of gently heating plant matter to the point of extracting and releasing the active ingredients into a vapor form. Vaporization is an alternative to smoking, where no combustion occurs and with no smoke evident.
Is vaporization for me, will I like it ? 
Two key things to remember about vaporization:
It is a far more efficient method of delivery.
It is healthier than smoking.
If you wish to save money on herb, and eliminate the negative elements of smoking, vaporizing is the way to go. Most people adapt quickly to vaporizing, and find it a cleaner, more satisfying, alternative to smoking. Some people do not enjoy vaporization as much as smoking. They have a psychological predisposition to the act of smoking and feel that something is missing when vaporizing.
Are the effects of vaporizing the same as smoking? 
The effects from vaporization are similar to that of smoking. Most people report that the effects are cooler on the throat, cleaner, stronger, and longer lasting, while consuming less herb. Some people report that the effects have a slight delay. As vapor is much more potent than smoke, we encourage people to try small amounts, wait a few minutes, then have more if needed.
How does vaporizing compare health wise to smoking ? 
Vaporization takes place at temperatures below pyrolysis (combustion) with twice as many active constituents delivered to the user than one would get from smoking. Since there is no combustion, the associated toxins, carcinogenic material, tar and carbon dioxide are not present in the vapor.
Is vaporizing more efficient ? 
Absolutely. Far less herb is required to deliver the same effect as smoking. Burning plant material actually incinerates over 40% of the active ingredients, none of the active ingredients are lost when vaporizing. To maximize the efficiency of your vaporizer: Grind your herb to create more surface area. Place herb into the bowl loosely to ensure proper air flow. Do not to over pack the bowl. Periodically stir and tamp the bowl to ensure all herb is vaporized by the end of your session.
How can you tell when the active ingredients are fully extracted ? 
From experience. After using a vaporizer a few times, you will learn to recognize when you have completed the vaporizing process and require a freshly prepared bowl. You will be able to tell by taste as well as visually inspecting your herb which will be dry and have turned brown.
What about the smell produced by a vaporizer ? 
Very low odor. With proper use no smoke is created and no pungent aroma is produced.
What's the difference between vaporizers with a hose vs. a bag ? 
Hose based vaporizers are manual systems. You draw on the hose, pulling heat from the base unit, through the vaporizer bowl, inhaling vapors from the herb. Sit back for a bit, then repeat. This is similar to a hookah smoking experience. Bag based vaporizers use a blower system to force warm air through the bowl and herb, generating the vapor, which then collects in a vapor bag. The bag system is a way to deliver more vapor at one time, and is a convenient way to pass vapor to another person. Some people use the bag system as a way to measure the amount of vapor being consumed.
Which system is better, hose or bag ? 
One is not necessarily better than the other. It depends on your lifestyle, how much you want to spend on a unit, and which unit is more user friendly to you. For a one or two person session, a hose unit will serve very well. If you routinely have three or more people around, then a bag system would be more efficient.
Can you leave the unit turned on over a period of time ? 
Consult the unit's manual for proper use. Generally, if the unit is left on but is NOT in use, the bowl should be removed from the heat source. Some units feature timers that will automatically shut the units off after a user specified length of time.
Can vapor be stored in the bag ? 
Vapor should be consumed as soon as possible. If left to sit, it condenses and becomes harsh. The bag system is a delivery system and is not meant to be used for storage.
What type of cleaning and maintenance is involved with a vaporizer ? 
With proper use, there is no combustion, thus there is minimal maintenance required. If discolouration of hosing, or bag occurs, you may be generating smoke. Your current temperature setting might have to be lowered. Clean glass parts with Resin Remover.
Are there replacement parts available ? 
We stock replacement parts for the vaporizers we sell.
What kind of warranty is provided with the vaporizer ? 
All the vaporizers we sell have excellent manufacturer's warranties.  Warranties will vary by vaporizer, and are detailed on the product page for the vaporizers that we sell. Manufacturer's warranties are handled through the manufacturer directly. Keep your receipt as proof of purchase and consult the unit's instruction manual for further details.
Why buy a vaporizer? 
Uses Less Herb. Healthier. No Smoke, No Toxins, No Tar, No Carbon Dioxide. Good investment that pays for itself!