Smoking Materials

Smoking Materials
There are so many choices when it comes to smoking your favourite herb. You can roll it in paper, pack it into a pipe or bong, or smoke it in a hookah.  Each provides a unique experience. Have you ever stopped to think about the different properties of these smoking materials and how they affect the smoke?
Rolling Paper
Never before has there been such a selection of rolling paper available.  By far the number one way to smoke. Rolling paper or "Rollies" as we like to call them, not only come in different sizes and flavours, they come in different weights and thicknesses.  Even the paper itself is made from different materials.  Some rollies are made from hemp, while others are rice, flax or corn based. There are even transparent rollies made from plant cellulose.  

Choosing which paper is best for you, takes a little experimentation.  That doesn't sound to bad, does it?!  Another thing to consider about rolling paper, is the gum. Cigarette brand rolling papers, and regular corner store white packaged Zig Zag, usually have animal fat based glue.  These burn harshly, unevenly, and stick no matter how much you slobber on them.  While not the connoisseurs choice, they will do in a pinch, and offer an easier rolling experience, due to the thickness of the paper.  Most people start with this type of paper.  Lots of people never change brands, or explore the alternatives.  You will note, while looking through our site, that we don't offer these papers for sale.  Our goal has always been to educate and raise awareness.  Choosing the right rolling paper is just as important as choosing the right pipe or bong, and will affect your overall enjoyment and satisfaction when smoking your favourite herb.

All of our papers use gum arabic as the glue.  This is a plant based gum that sticks the paper together when rolled, but does not introduce a harshness into the smoke.  Some customers report having problems getting things to stick properly.  This is usually because they lick the gum too much.  When transitioning from animal based glues to gum arabic, you need to learn to "lick less". If you slobber all over the gum, you take it right off the paper!  A little moisture goes a long way.  If you feel the need to use more moisture, then lick the opposite side of the paper behind the gum, and you will arrive at a firm stick.  Practice makes perfect.

Rollies are available in many sizes.  The ones found at most corner stores and gas stations are called 1.0 or "one point oh" size and are considered the standard.  We have been encouraging people to leave these behind, due to the harshness introduced by the glue.  The new standard size for herbal connoisseurs is 1.25 or "one and a quarter".  These papers are a little longer and wider which gives more room for herb and a filter tip.  You will also find rollies in 1.5 or "one and a half", King size, and King Sized Slim.  The 1.5 rollies are perfect if you like to roll small cones.  The King size and King size slim are longer papers, with the slim meaning the paper is not as wide but is still as long.  

Finding the right paper can be an arduous task.  Hemp paper is an excellent choice for obvious reasons.  Rice, flax and corn based papers also offer an excellent smoke.  Paper thickness makes a huge difference to the smoke quality. The thinner the paper, the smoother the smoke.  Thinner papers are preferred, but require a higher skill level to roll.  Each brand of paper offers it's own unique qualities.  You will find the best brands are now offering unbleached paper, further improving upon smoothness and taste. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to rolling.  Experiment, try the different sizes and brands, and discover your favourite way to roll, and your favourite type of paper.
Next to paper, pipes are a popular choice.  They offer simple "pack and go" functionality, eliminating the time required to roll.  Pipes provide easy portability, and if the right material is chosen, and the pipe kept clean, a smooth and satisfying smoke.  Pipes come in all shapes and sizes, with longer pipes offering the smoothest smoke.  

We offer pipes made from wood, glass, metal, stone and meerschaum.  Each of these materials offer a unique smoking experience.  

Wood pipes, are rugged, organic and smooth as wood does not conduct heat.  Wood pipes take a little more work to clean than some other materials, but are always a good choice for portability.

Glass pipes are beautiful, mini works of art, easy to clean, and smooth to smoke. While portable, it is best to keep a glass pipe in a protective case, to prevent accidental breakage from dropping.  

Metal pipes, are very durable and come apart for easy cleaning.  When choosing a metal pipe, look for cooling features. Short metal pipes can be harsh due to the conduction of heat in the smoke.

Stone pipes are another popular choice.  They have a nice feel due to their weight, they are easy to clean, and if long enough, provide a cool smoke.  

Meerschaum pipes are very smooth to smoke and beautiful to behold.  All meerschaum pipes originate in Turkey, where the meerschaum is mined from the ocean floor.  A porous material, meerschaum does not conduct heat. These pipes are traditionally hand carved, however they are quite fragile and should not be considered portable.
Bongs come in three materials: Pyrex, Soft Glass, and Acrylic.  All bongs hold water which allows the smoke to be cooled and cleaned when it passes through.  Today's bongs offer many features that make for a smoother, more enjoyable smoking experience.  Look for ash catchers, diffuser down stems, percolators, double or triple chambers, and ice pinches, all designed to cool and smoothen your smoke.

Pyrex bongs are very durable and easy to clean.  Made from Pyrex tubing, these bongs can handle extreme heat changes.  Only Pyrex bongs can offer all of these features. 

Soft Glass bongs are made from glass that is melted into a molten state, then blown into a vessel. They are then drilled and fitted with pipe parts.  These bongs have lots of colour and style, but sacrifice the durability and options that are available in Pyrex bongs.  Soft Glass bongs are sensitive to heat changes and can crack easily if a cold bong is suddenly exposed to hot water, which can happen when cleaning.  If you choose to buy this type of bong, remember to always use room temperature water when smoking and cleaning. The smoking properties of the two types of glass are the same, with both offering a smooth, water filtered smoke.  

Acrylic or plastic bongs, are inexpensive, attractive and great for parties where your glass may get broken.  While offering a good smoking experience, this material is porous, and will absorb the resin and grunge, making proper cleaning impossible.