Product Representation

Product Quality
We take great pride in offering only top quality merchandise.  After almost two decades in retail, we've learned to only offer the best. You may feel confident that anything you order from us, meets or exceeds our high standards.
Product Size
We make every effort to include dimensional information about our products. If you need clarification about the size of an item you wish to order, please use the contact page, and include the product code to ensure we know exactly which product you are requesting more information about.
Colour Selection
It is impossible to display all of the colours available for some of our products.  When there are colour options available, you will find a selection box allowing you to choose your preferred option. We always try to match your colour choice and will only substitute the same product in a different colour if your first choice was not available. If this is not acceptable to you, please tell us in the order comments section, when placing your order.
Product Substitution
We make every effort to provide exactly what you order. We may substitute a similar product of equal or greater value for the item you have ordered, if we run out of stock on the item you requested. This seldom happens, as our inventory is tied to the webshop.  If we don't have it in stock, you can't order it!