Getting Started: Rigs

Rigs Education



A style of bong that is specific to smoking cannabis extracts like shatter, wax, oil, etc. Unlike with a traditional bong, the heat is applied to the accessory before adding any cannabis.

Proper Use

Heat your dab accessory with a butane torch or electric nail. Best practice is to heat for 30 seconds then wait 30 seconds before applying your extract. This timing may differ between various accessories. Apply the extract to the heated surface using a heat resistant dab tool. It’s best to dab while seated as dabbing has been known to cause lightheadedness.

Safe Consumption

Dabbing requires the use of prolonged temperatures that are extremely high. Use caution when operating and handling dabbing instruments. Never leave heated accessories unattended. Extracts are much more potent than dried flower, keep this in mind when deciding how much to use. It’s called a “dab” for a reason.


Empty all the water from the rig.  Add one or two ounces of Resin Remover (99% isopropyl alcohol) and a teaspoon of salt.  Cover both holes and shake vigorously while occasionally turning to reach all surfaces. Drain, rinse, and repeat (if necessary) until all resin is removed.  For a sparkling finish, fill the rig halfway with fresh water, add two teaspoons of liquid dish soap, cover, shake, and rinse well.

Bangers, nails, domes, etc. can be torched clean and/or placed in a small container filled with Resin Remover until covered.  Let soak for at least one hour, remove, rinse with water, and dry.

Friendly Advice: Wipe your banger clean with a wet cotton swab after every hit to improve flavour.