Getting Started: Pipes - Glass, Metal, Stone

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Pipes date back as far as 500 BC and are likely the first ever instrument humans used to smoke herbs of any kind. Can be made from practically any heat resistant material including glass, ceramic, stone, wood, metal, crystal, even fruits and vegetables.

Proper Use

It’s best to use a screen when smoking a pipe. Screens keep ground cannabis and ash from falling into the pipe and being inhaled. If your pipe has a choke/carb, keep it covered with your thumb or finger while lighting, release when you’re ready to clear the pipe. Releasing the choke can also help to cool the smoke during a hit.

Safe Consumption

Not all pipes smoke the same. When trying a new pipe for the first time, start by taking small sips to avoid overdoing it. Pipe resin contains higher levels of carcinogens, cleaning your pipe regularly will reduce your overall carcinogenic intake.


Glass, Metal, and Ceramic: Place pipe in a small container and fill with Resin Remover (99% isopropyl alcohol) until pipe is covered.  Let soak for at least one hour. Remove pipe, brush with pipe-cleaners and re-soak if necessary. Rinse pipe with fresh water and air dry. Stainless steel and glass screens can be soaked along with the pipe, rinsed, and reused. Brass screens will need to be replaced.

Friendly Advice: Some stone pipes can be cleaned this way as well.