Getting Started: Flower Vapes

Flower Vapes Education




Herbal Vaporizers warm cannabis to a temperature below combustion in order to release the active ingredients (THC/CBD) through evaporation.

Proper Use

The optimal temperature for a vaporizer varies. THC is activated at 157°C and CBD at 180°C. A good place to start is between 190°C and 200°C. Starting at a lower temp and gradually turning it up is a great way to ensure your cannabis gets fully vaporized. Cannabis will appear dry and brown when finished.

Safe Consumption

Keep your vaporizer under 220°C to avoid combustion. The onset time for vapor is slightly longer than smoking, making it easy to consume too much. Start low and go slow.


Vaporizers are electronic devices so you should always avoid getting them wet. Clean any removable glass and metal accessories by placing them in a small container filled with Resin Remover (99% isopropyl alcohol) until covered.  Let soak, remove, rinse with fresh water, and air dry. Use a soft pipe cleaner for any hard to reach places.

When cleaning the interior oven of the device, do so carefully with soft pipe cleaners and/or cotton swabs saturated with Resin Remover. Consider holding the vape upside down while doing this, to prevent liquids from leaking inside.