Getting Started: Bongs



A style of pipe that passes smoke through water before being inhaled, which helps to filter out some carcinogens and cool the smoke. Most commonly made from glass, ceramic and acrylic.

Proper Use

Bongs smoke best when cleaned regularly. Though screens are always optional, it’s best to use glass screens over metal mesh screens; they fit better and digging them out can damage glass bowls. Planning to travel with your bong? Consider a padded bag or pouch.

Safe Consumption

You don’t have to fill the whole bowl or take all the smoke in one breath. Your experienced friends may tell you different but it’s not a competition. Packing smaller amounts and inhaling in short bursts is a great way to approach hitting a bong for the first time.


Empty all the water from the bong.  Add one or two ounces of Resin Remover (99% isopropyl alcohol) and a teaspoon of salt.  Cover all the holes and shake vigorously while occasionally turning to reach all surfaces. Drain, rinse, and repeat (if necessary) until all resin is removed.  For a sparkling finish, fill the bong halfway with fresh water, add two teaspoons of liquid dish soap, cover, shake, and rinse well.

Bowls and stems can be placed in a small container filled with Resin Remover until covered. Let soak for at least one hour. Remove, rinse with water. Be sure to dry your glass-on-glass accessories before putting them back in the bong to avoid water-lock.

*Acrylic bongs should never be cleaned with Resin Remover. Instead, opt for one of our available acrylic-safe soaking solutions.