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The Friendly Stranger borrowed its name from the "Reefer Madness" propaganda that created cannabis prohibition.

The campaign intended to scare people into believing that cannabis is an evil and deadly substance that should be avoided at all costs.

Truth is, this disinformation campaign worked! Prohibition is still in place.

Every day we spread the truth about cannabis and work towards dispelling the myths and lies that are ingrained and perpetuated in our society.

It is our intention to reverse the damage caused by this type of disinformation campaign, and to restore cannabis to its rightful place in society: a substance that is recognized as far less harmful and definitely more socially acceptable than alcohol or tobacco.

Simple economics. Supply & demand.

When you purchase an item made of hemp you are sending a message to your community and government (taxes on the sale) that you support the entire concept of hemp. It's a well known fact that we vote with our dollars. You can demand a hemp industry in Canada by wearing hemp clothing and accessories!

Each time you shop in our Cannabis Culture Shop you are creating demand for more products from the cannabiz industry. We do our best to represent the global cannabiz industry while maintaining a unique Canadian content in our product lines.

If the demand for hemp products increases so will the amount of hemp grown in our farmers feilds. This will stimulate our local economies and be beneficial to entire communities across the country. Canada is ideally situated from a global perspective to be a leader in the hemp industry. (Ever taken a look at our land mass on a map of the world?!)

Canadians wear a lot of cotton. This means we are reliant on other countries to produce our raw materials for clothing. We can't grow cotton in Canada! However we can grow hemp. We can grow a lot of hemp. This will open up a new market for growers, processors and manufacturers. This could be our number one export to the world. It would beat diverting our water systems into other counties for cash, and wholesaleing our forests (read oxygen) for paper pulp.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. If Canadians would get off the couch - turn off the TV and take up hobbies like farming, imagine how many people we could employ! There's nothing like a full days work with your hands - and most of us have two. The exponential employment potential of an emerging industry is staggering. At every stage between cultivation and finished product there are opportunites to carve out a niche and help build for our future.

It's time to end Cannabis Prohibition on this planet.

At the Friendly Stranger we are dedicated to reshaping the way society thinks about the cannabis plant.

Through knowledge and understanding, we believe the spreading of the truth will bring an end to Cannabis prohibition.

We are living in the "Information Age" (you are reading this on a computer screen right?!). Tune in to the world around you. Take a look at what's really going on. We can't ignore the realities of the society we have created. It's a hodgepodge collection of ideas & rules that have accumulated over the years, designed to allow us all to exist in one reality. Face it, there are major problems with our "Systems" as they don't cope with reality as it exists today. However, working together we can help to build a stronger, healthier society.

There are major changes to be made if we are to have a society in which one would want to live. Global economic structures are being integrated at an alarming rate. Meanwhile our social infrastructure remains stagnant and rooted in "old school" ideologies and draconian out-of-date law.

We truly are becoming "One world - One people." What will this new world be like? Will you really want to live there? People pass around the buzz words "New World Order" without a clue as to what that could possibly mean. It is time to realize that as a society, we have to grow up and take individual responsibility for our actions. Each and every choice we make determines how our world is shaped around us.

So why do we need to end cannabis prohibition?

What if we told you that the cannabis plant is the missing link in the solution of many of our pressing environmental problems?

What if we told you that the cannabis plant had amazing medical benefits and healing qualities but was being denied to patients who need it?

What if we told you that the cannabis issue is the single most important issue our society can resolve?

Would that get your attention?

It's the truth. So now what?

It's quite simple really. "Learn & Share and we'll soon be there."

Spend some time getting to know the issue. Marijuana is a smoke screen hiding the secrets to a revitalized global environment and a mature, educated & civilized society. If that isn't motivation enough to keep you clicking on this site, then one last thought: Decriminalization of cannabis is essential to the continuation of the human race. The rest is up to you.

The Friendly Stranger is a "Cannabis Culture Shop" dedicated to direct action against the prohibition of cannabis.

It is upsetting that our society puts up with prohibition of any kind, but when that prohibition is environmentally detrimental, it's not just upsetting, it's a crime against mother nature and humanity.

The Friendly Stranger promotes the individual's right to make educated choices as to what one does with one's body and mind. We encourage people to express their opinions and to stand up for what they believe in. We also ask that people start taking the responsibility of going further. Taking action, and doing something about the prohibition problem, is YOUR responsibility. The number one thing you can do to help, is to get the facts and start educating. Only by raising the consciousness level of our planet, to the realities of the cannabis issue, can we make the necessary changes to end prohibition.

The Friendly Stranger was created as a vehicle for continuous activism on the cannabis issue. We opened the doors for the first time on July 7th 1994. The store was an eighth the size it is today and had a small selection of items one would find in a "Cannabis Culture Shop".

To let people know we were here, we held a "Cannabis Revival Rally". On August 20th, 1994 three hundred people marched from Nathan Phillips Square to Queen's Park. There, they were informed and entertained with a full afternoon of live bands and guest speakers. It generated a small amount of media coverage, but it was the August 18th issue of Eye Magazine with the cover "Free Dope" that caught the police's attention.

A detective of the "Morality Squad" came in to visit us on August 23. He told us that we couldn't sell any of the items that we had in the store, and that we were in contravention of 462.2 of the criminal code. He promised to return with a search warrant to clean out our cases and shut us down.

What he wasn't expecting, was the spot light the media gave the issue. We rented a fax machine, and printed up a form letter that asked the chief of police to stop the investigation and to leave us alone. One customer at a time, read and filled out the form sending it directly to the chief's desk. To speed things up, we used a "Fax Tree" (an Amiga and a fax modem) and sent an urgent press release to all the news desks in the city.

Over the next few days we made TV news on City TV, Global News and CBC. We stopped faxing the chief of police after 1000 faxes had been sent! Needless to say, the television coverage was beneficial as it allowed us to get our message out loud and clear. It created a huge public response, and to this day continues to bring in people from across Canada, who heard the story. (Now that you have heard it too, why not come down for a visit!)

We are located at:

241 Queen St. West.
Toronto, Ontario,
M5V 1Z4

Taking the Subway?
Get off at Osgoode.

Major cross streets:
University and Queen.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Saturday:
11 am - 8 pm.

Noon - 7 pm.

We are open most holidays.

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Contact Information

You can call us any time at (416) 591-1570 during regular business hours.

If you wish to send us an email, please use our contact form.
We respond to email very quickly.

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